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Boston’s Big Dig Spawns Big Malpractice

Boston’s “Big Dig” continues to spark lawsuits 15 years after construction was completed. The most expensive US highway project – in excess of $24 billion - the Big Dig rerouted a major highway in Boston into a 3.5 mile tunnel. The project was plagued by delay, leaks, design flaws, and substandard materials. Ten years after completion of the project, in 2006, 26 tons of ceiling tiles and concrete became dislodged, fell and killed one motorist, injuring others. Reportedly, the National Transportation Safety Board blamed the collapse on faulty epoxy. In the most recent lawsuit arising from this incident, an insurance carrier sued its attorneys for malpractice for allegedly failing to disclose a conflict of interest.  

When in Doubt Report, Report, Report…

It’s bound to happen…professionals make mistakes. Some of those mistakes may lead to a professional malpractice claim while others may go unnoticed, never to be heard of again. Given that most professionals cannot predict the future nor speak for their clients, professionals must timely report each mistake to her malpractice carrier pursuant to the applicable reporting deadlines because the policy may require it. Even those mistakes that seem inconsequential must be reported. The risks of failing to do so can prove to be costly.