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Ethical Advertising on LinkedIn

Most professionals utilize a LinkedIn profile and/or a professional Facebook page. A large proportion of LinkedIn’s 150 million users are professionals; about 2% of which are attorneys. The proliferation of social media use by professionals has sparked debate regarding the collision between ethics and online marketing. This is particularly so because the standard, one-size-fits-all format available to social media users does not take into account that many professionals must adhere to state specific ethical rules when advertising. This gap has prompted some serious ethical concerns.  

Arrests Follow Massive, International Cyber-Heist

Recent arrests followed one of the more complex cyber attacks in history. $45 million was reportedly stolen in the blink of an eye but it may take years to comb through the unprecedented cyber-liability issues. Two major banks are now evaluating novel liability issues and presumably deciding whether to lodge a series of lawsuits with major implications on the landscape of cyber-liability.