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Wanna be Starting Something? Michael Jackson’s Publicist files Legal Mal. Suit

Despite his untimely death, Michael Jackson continues to generate considerable media attention, tabloid fodder, and litigation.  Most recently, Jackson’s former publicist, Raymone K. Bain, filed a malpractice suit to recover from her former attorneys.  In Bain v. Gary Williams Parenti Watson & Gary PL et al., the King of Pop’s publicist alleges that her attorneys were negligent in a breach of contract suit she filed against Jackson in 2009.  According to the suit, Bain could not recover considerable royalties from Jackson associated with…  

Case Study: When an “Expert” Lies on the Stand

A Florida defense expert is facing criminal perjury charges for allegedly lying on the stand about his credentials. The defense attorney may be next. Claimed biomechanics expert, John Lloyd, allegedly misrepresented his educational background before testifying that “shaken baby syndrome” is a myth in a troublesome child abuse trial. It was allegedly discovered that Lloyd had perjured himself on the stand but the underlying defendant had already received a reduced sentence. The fallout and public outcry has been significant. This situation calls into question the ramifications for the defense attorney who proffered the so-called “expert.”