Pitfalls of Facebook Friendship

Friendship has taken on new meaning in the age of social media.  Old acquaintances, former classmates, co-workers, professional contacts, public figures, family, and close companions may all be similarly situated as a “friend” on social media, regardless of the level of personal interaction with each.  Social media users therefore often apply more liberal standard when accepting new network friends than they would in their personal lives.  Professionals, however, may need to be more cautious.

Recently, the Florida Supreme Court was asked to hear a law …

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Pro Bono Malpractice?

Pro bono activities are not unfamiliar to most attorneys.  Many attorneys will volunteer their time with organizations that provide pro bono legal services to those who could not otherwise afford legal representation.  Most jurisdictions permit volunteer attorneys to be on a list of counsel that the court may appoint when a party is in need of representation.  Some states may even assign attorneys in good standing to a court appointed representation.   What happens though when that court appointed attorney allegedly commits malpractice in the course …

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