The Ethics Bog of Professional Blogs

We love blogging! Blogs have become an increasingly important part of professional practice.  Writing blog posts allows professionals to increase their social media presence and keep clients informed about recent developments in their respective industries.  At the same time, blogs are an invaluable marketing tool that allows professionals to connect with potential clients and develop new business relationships in a less formal, and more interactive, medium than traditional print publications.  But, bloggers beware. While this new form of interaction can be highly beneficial, professionals should

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Hire Me; I’m a SuperLawyer. Ethics & SuperLawyer Advertising

It’s that time of year again. Every summer, SuperLawyers® publishes its list of the “top” attorneys and Rising Stars across the country. Many attorneys included in the publication incorporate the designation into their biographies or otherwise notify clients and prospects of the honor. Like any form of attorney marketing, however, attorneys must be careful to comply with the applicable ethical rules governing advertising when referencing SuperLawyers®. 

According to its website, SuperLawyers® uses a “patented multiphase selection process” to identify the top lawyers by practice …

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Beware of the Referral Website

Professionals love a good referral source. Some attorneys and others use referral service-providers to reach a wider audience via the internet. But these services are not without risk. A recent Indiana decision demonstrates the ethical pitfalls inherent in referral websites. In this decision, an attorney was held accountable for an improper advertising model utilized by the referral website.

In a decision issued last week, an attorney found himself on the wrong end of an ethics debate when the Indiana Supreme Court concluded that the American

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