The Litigation Privilege: Who, What, When and Where?

Anything you say can and will be used against you. Well, not always. Attorneys, litigants, and experts may be immune from liability arising from certain acts and statements made in connection with the pursuit of litigation in light of the litigation privilege. This privilege can provide an important and useful defense for professionals. But what is it and when may it be asserted? Read on to find out.

The litigation privilege, or the “judicial privilege,” is a deeply rooted doctrine established to allow attorneys, experts …

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Privilege Issues When Attorneys Consult with Attorneys

Attorneys need help too. When issues arise during an attorney-client relationship, attorneys may consult with colleagues about the representation. Some firms rely upon outside counsel to serve this function. Other firms maintain an internal team of attorneys designated to address such issues. Either practice is considered good risk management. But, the application of the attorney-client privilege to these communications is not entirely clear and may vary amongst the jurisdiction. We discussed this issue previously, here. In a recent decision, the Oregon Supreme Court held …

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