A-Rod: Not Going Down without a (Malpractice) Fight

Alex Rodriguez’s newest target is apparently the Yankees’ team physician. According to reports, A-Rod is exploring a potential malpractice suit against team doctors for “deliberately misdiagnosing” an injury that may have contributed to his woeful performance in 2012.

ESPN  and other news outlets report that as part of a multi-pronged public relations battle aimed at A-Rod’s (many) critics, he is now preparing to file a medical malpractice suit against Yankee’s team doctor, Chris Ahmad, for his treatment of Rodriguez last October.  According to a source from the player’s camp, Rodriguez believes that Dr. Ahmad failed to diagnose Rodriguez’s torn labrum in his left hip during the 2012 playoffs. A-Rod’s horrible postseason culminated when he was benched in the Division and Championship Series.  At the time, A-Rod reportedly was complaining of lingering pain in his hip. It was only after an off-season MRI when physicians discovered that surgery was necessary.

However, ESPN reports that A-Rod believes that Dr. Ahmad was previously aware of the tear and failed to inform A-Rod of the injury.  Rodriguez contends he continued to play with the injury and was embarrassed by his performance.  He had offseason surgery and has since returned to the Yankees line-up.

Sure, A-Rod has bigger fish to fry and is engaged in a campaign to clear his name. Nonetheless, allegations of a missed diagnosis or failure to detect a significant injury are serious and could prove quite costly. Given that the injury may have contributed to A-Rod’s collapse, these allegations could be a damaging blow for the Yankees and its medical staff.