New Year’s Resolutions for the Professional

Maybe 2014 will be the year that you stick to your New Year’s resolutions. While weight loss, charitable giving, drinking less, learning something new, and quitting smoking top the list of most common goals for next year, your friends at PL Matters suggest adding a few resolutions. We’ve taken a close look at what has interested you the most in 2013 and based on that data we’ve compiled a list of lessons taken from our collection of posts for you to incorporate into your 2014 …

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Off The Clock, On The Hook: Unintended Consequences Of Working Remotely

Sitting down to dinner but still have a long to-do list from the office? Hear your work e-mails pinging as you watch the game? Not a problem that you can’t handle with your smartphone or tablet. Whatever your take on this 24/7 connectivity, it is undeniable that the proliferation of mobile devices has made working away from the office easier and perhaps expected by employers (and clients). While such a policy may result in an increase in productivity, it can also create a legal risk …

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Leave ‘Em at Home: Don’t Bring Anything to a Depo

Have you ever considered the consequences of a witness bringing her mobile phone to a deposition? May a deposing attorney ask a witness to retrieve information stored on a hand-held device during a deposition? Many lawyers may fail to anticipate the consequences of a witness bringing documents or other materials to a deposition and may overlook this issue when preparing the client. This lack of foresight can lead to unintended discovery disclosures.

Take, for instance, a witness who pulls out a document when questioned and …

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