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Attorney Jointly Liable with Client for Misconduct

Professionals must play the hand they’re dealt. Good, bad or ugly, a professional assesses the situation and provides a recommendation as to how to overcome certain obstacles and achieve the client’s objectives. However, professionals do not have unfettered authority. Rather, all classes of professionals are bound by certain guidelines which delineate how a professional must behave on behalf of the client. Professionals that stay the course will not be held accountable for the client’s indiscretions, mistakes or even intentional wrongdoing. But, in the rare scenario when a professional is complicit with the client, both may be held liable.

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Football Insurance? You Bet

Professional athletes are worth a lot of money. When they are on top of their game they are capable of raking in the dough for themselves and their organizations. However, if they become injured or otherwise unable to perform a lot of money is at stake. Therefore, it’s not unusual for athletes to obtain disability insurance policies, covering them in the event of a career ending injury. In fact with respect to collegiate athletes, the NCAA even sponsors a disability insurance program, which provides protection for qualified athletes against future loss of earnings as a professional athlete, due to a disabling injury or sickness. Of course in order to make the transition from collegiate athlete to professional you must first be drafted, and that’s where loss of value insurance comes into play.

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