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Use of AI Results in Attorney Suspension

The practice of law is not one-size-fits-all. For better or worse, attorneys are generally free to conduct their business as they see fit: working from home, in a traditional office, in large firms, solo practitioners, different practice areas, and different tools. We are guided by certain rules, of course, including the obligation to represent clients competently through technological familiarity. For those who had yet to do so before, we shifted to a remote environment during COVID-19, which forced firms to implement immediate work-from-home mandates and …

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Avoid Sanctions by Reading the Rules and Admitting a Mistake

Read the rules.

Let’s say it again: Read. The. Rules.

On February 16, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a strong reminder to attorneys about the importance of reading the applicable rules of court and admitting a mistake when given the chance.

In Promptu Systems Corp. v. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, U.S.C.A Fed Cir. No. 2022-1093, counsel for one of the appellees incorporated by reference in a footnote nearly 2,000 words from a prior brief filed in a related case. …

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Seth Laver Provides Guidance on Properly Closing a File with Attorney Protective

Goldberg Segalla’s Seth L. Laver, in an article written for Attorney Protective, provides insight to attorneys on proper case-closing procedures.

“Best practices mandate that all professionals, notably attorneys, engage in a series of important tasks when closing a file,” said Seth, a partner in the firm’s Management and Professional Liability practice and vice-chair of its Accountants Professional Liability practice.

“Poor practices at the end of an assignment,” he added, “can lead to conflicts issues, document retention woes, client confusion or worse.”

An effective …

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Law Firm Cleared in Case that Alleged Scheme to Defraud

A New York law firm sued in connection with a business deal gone awry, and accused of aiding in a scheme to defraud, saw the case against it dismissed thanks to a strategic and fervent defense waged by Goldberg Segalla partner Danielle N. Malaty.

Heard in the Northern District of Illinois, the case stemmed from a complaint by a plaintiff who claimed the target defendant — a wealthy investor — led an alleged racketeering scheme to defraud him and breach fiduciary duties.

The plaintiff …

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Client Cleared of Malpractice, Wins Summary-Judgment Ruling

A Pennsylvania attorney sued in connection with a workers’ compensation matter was cleared of legal malpractice and the suit against him was dismissed after a court agreed with the arguments put forth by Goldberg Segalla partner Seth L. Laver.

The case stemmed from the alleged injuries suffered by a hotel banquet worker who claimed his decade-plus career resulted in cumulative trauma to his back. The claimant eventually underwent surgery from which he sustained a serious infection, leading to a lengthy hospital stay.

Central to …

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Christopher F. Lyon Co-Authors Article Exploring E&O Risks of Remote Professional Services in The Brief

Christopher F. Lyon – a partner in the firm’s Management and Professional Liability practice group – co-authored an article in ABA’s The Brief on the transition to remote work pre- and post-pandemic, and the new E&O risks associated with remote work in professional services. 

The article examines the shift to remote work for professionals including lawyers, insurance brokers, and financial-service providers.  

While the swift and growing transition, paired with advances in technology, provides increased flexibility and a cut in costs on expenses such as travel …

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Law Firms (and Client Data) Held Hostage

Hackers have successfully hit at least five United States law firms within the past few weeks. Reportedly, the attacks are part of a coordinated effort potentially affecting nearly 200 victims in January alone. As if that were not frightening enough, the threat to law firms and to their clients, has magnified substantially in light of the type of attack now employed against law firms.

Rather than delivering a ransom note to the infected system and waiting for payment, the recent hackers are publishing the victim’s …

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Parental Leave Continuance Policy Rejected

Case management is such an important task for litigators. We must plan how best to utilize the allotted and often limited time provided for each case. Some courts set strict case management deadlines while others permit the parties to proceed at their own pace without much direction. We must budget our time in an efficient and reasonable manner. We must also balance our personal commitments with the needs of our clients and that is no easy task. Ultimately, all attorneys have faced scheduling conflicts due …

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The Importance of Quality IT in Litigation

One of the most important aspects of working with corporate clients is understanding the businesses. From general business functions to the overarching models, this knowledge can be extremely valuable in both transactional and litigation work. However, client technology is becoming more industry specific, often making it infeasible for attorneys to learn. It is in these cases that a quality IT team working on behalf of the firm is not only the most efficient way to service a client, but also may be a litigation requirement.…

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