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When Does the Engagement End?

It’s easy enough to determine the statute of limitations for a malpractice claim. It’s not as easy to determine when the limitations clock begins to click. In New York, for example, the limitations period is three years but courts have grappled with questions regarding when a relationship between attorney and client ends. Courts have more recently employed what’s become known as the continuous representation doctrine in order to extend the accrual time. However, a recent decision in the Southern District of New York highlights an about-face of sorts.

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Miscellaneous Professional Liability: Travel Agent Protection

A statement of the obvious: professional liability involves claims against professionals. What professionals? Attorneys, accountants, architects, financial advisers and others who may purchase a professional malpractice insurance policy offered by various insurers. But what about the dozens of other classes of professionals who may not have an insurance product dedicated to them? That’s where miscellaneous professional liability kicks in. Today, we’ll focus on travel agents as an example of the types of exposure facing a "miscellaneous" professional.

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