Insurance Agents in the Wake of Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy’s wind and rain are long gone but the storm’s legal wrath has only just begun.  As the cleanup continues, and insurance and legal issues pile up, we are starting the see the first wave of lawsuits following the storm.  In particular, the initial targets appear to be insurance agents.

In a recent suit filed in New Jersey Superior Court, a Yacht Club alleges that its insurance professional failed to procure sufficient coverage.  The Raritan Yacht Club allegedly sustained significant damage from the October …

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Botched Weather Report Leads to Unusual Insurance Claim

A feud is developing between flower enthusiasts and the Philadelphia media arising from an “overly hyped” weather report.  The possible remedy may be in the form of a lesser known insurance product. The Philadelphia Flower Show usually generates about $1 million in profits from its annual exhibit. But not this year.  Reportedly, the show drew substantially fewer attendees than expected this year and organizers of the event are blaming a “botched” weather report. Now the event’s president is accusing Philadelphia media outlets of “…

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