Avoiding Legal Costs of Unpaid Internships

Summer is almost here – the sun, vacations, Coronas, and lawsuits arising from unpaid internships. We’ve previously warned of these risks here and here. Yet, the suits that some call the “new slip and fall case” are more frequent than ever. It seems that every week brings news of another lawsuit filed by unpaid interns. So, another reminder is warranted. Employers must beware of these risks and take precaution to ensure that they are not the next victim of an FLSA class-action claim.

Recently, …

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Off The Clock, On The Hook: Unintended Consequences Of Working Remotely

Sitting down to dinner but still have a long to-do list from the office? Hear your work e-mails pinging as you watch the game? Not a problem that you can’t handle with your smartphone or tablet. Whatever your take on this 24/7 connectivity, it is undeniable that the proliferation of mobile devices has made working away from the office easier and perhaps expected by employers (and clients). While such a policy may result in an increase in productivity, it can also create a legal risk …

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